Simon Sharville Graphic Design : Illustration


I occasionally illustrate for clients, but mostly I illustrate for myself or for a small T-Shirt shop in Hamburg. The T-shirts can be purchased either at ShirtLab or through my online shop at Spreadshirt.


My first experiment at neon text.


Yeah, but No, but

Created in Illustrator and Photoshop



Created in Illustrator and Photoshop

Promo cards


Hire a freelance graphic designer today

Created in Photoshop

T-Shirt Illustrations

This is just a small collection from the T-Shirts available at either ShirtLab or through my online shop at Spreadshirt.



Crashed Paper Airplane


Nikon F Camera

3 Red Elastic Bands

DDR Eierbecher

Schwalbe Motorrad


Pencil Sharpener

Cable Car

Client Illustrations

iPushPull Icons

I was commissioned to create a range of icons and illustrations, then review the look of their existing website and show how these could be implemented.


These Icons were created as part of the SARD Brand Refresh.

Transmitter Vomometer

This was used as a taste guide for new things happening in the area.

Mystic Mike Starsigns

Originally for Transmitter magazine, the icons for Mystic Mike's Astrology page.

Launch Posters

Two posters for the Penge launch of Transmitter magazine

Personal Illustrations

A few pieces I have created for myself


Christmas Card 2015, plus original sketch.


Crystal Palace Concert Bowl

Download a sample sheet